White House Releases Trump’s and Pence’s Official Portraits – One Detail’s All Americans are Talking About

The White House is releasing official portraits of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence Tuesday.

The two are smiling in their photos, captured in front of an American flag, with Trump wearing a blue tie and Pence in a red one. White House photographers Shealah Craighead and Myles Cullen made the photos of Trump and Pence, respectively.

The photos are traditionally hung in government buildings across the country and in U.S. embassies world-wide. The release comes more than nine months after the pair was sworn-in, during which time the spaces were occupied by empty picture frames.

Trump sat for his official portrait in January, according to the White House schedule. The White House is not explaining the delay in release.

However, that caused for immediate attention on the crowd’s behalf, who began looking for soft spots. One deatils seemed especially eye-cathicng to everyone.

“He’s smiling!”

The men are standing in front of the National flag, a move that might come in handy, given recent NFL protests. As a contrast, the President is wearing a blue tie, whereas Pence wearing a red tie. Get it?

From this point on, the portraits shall remain at the White House, as well as at governments fascilities in America and in U.S. embassies all over the world.

Take a look at how Twitter users commentred the portraits, a topic that almost went ‘Trending.’

We wish President Trump and VP Mike Pence long years of serving and much success and progress!