Sean Spicer Just Told Hannity The REAL Reason He Left…Hannity Was SPEECHLESS

When we heard that Sean Spicer quit AND was gonna do a Hannity interview, we all had one question for him: Why did you leave the White House job?

Well, luckily for us, Sean Hannity asked that exact question during his FOX News interview last night. The answer Spicer gave left even Hannity speechless.

Sean Spicer said there were just “too many cooks” in the kitchen.

Yep. Apparently, Spicer was not 100% on board with working with both Sarah Huckabee AND Anthony Scaramucci at the same time and trying to coordinate it all.

To make it worse, President Trump asked Spicer to stay several times. Spicer debated the proposition, then turned it down and walked away.

There is a lot of speculation that the REAL reason Sean Spicer left was how cruel the White House media was to him. They constantly attacked him personally and it bled into his personal life.

I guess in the end, we may NEVER know.

The good news is, it looks like he may become FOX News’s new ‘Trump Correspondent’, so good for him. Say farewell to Sean and congratulate Sarah on her BIG promotion in the comments.