PHOTOS: The Stunning Outfit Melania Was Wearing Today In Poland Left Everyone In AWE!

Melania and Ivanka Trump stepped out in Warsaw for the first full day of President Donald Trump’s visit to Poland on Thursday.

The First Lady, who touched down on Air Force One last night, met with her Polish counterpart Agata Kornhauser-Duda at Belweder Palace.

Melania’s dress looked conservative from the top, as it had a high neckline and dark navy colour.

But the skirt, which came out in large pleats, featured a bold hot pink abstract print layered over pink stripes.

The sleeveless dress came down to Melania’s mid-calf, giving it a classic, tasteful silhouette.

Melania, 47, paired the dress with a pair of deep pink suede court shoes.

She had changed from another outfit she wore to board the plane in Washington, USA for the journey to Poland.

The First Lady wore pink and black check wide leg trousers which hugged her curves to make the journey.

She paired the stylish item with a plain black cashmere jumper and black suede court shoes.

Melania finished the look off with her current favourite pair of sunglasses, which feature modern square lenses.

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