Muslim Welfare Scammer Just Got The Worst News of His Life — He Did Not Expect THIS…

Pascal Mahvia wealthy Geauga County businessman, showed no signs of remorse at his court date. The 66-year-old Muslim man faced a maximum of 18 months in prison for his alleged crimes against the state of Ohio.

The real estate magnate, who owns property in St. Lucia valued at tens of millions of dollars, was charged with a fifth-degree felony for food stamp fraud and a misdemeanor for making false or misleading statements in his application for Medicaid.

Shockingly, his Russell Township home, with an in-ground pool and luxurious horse stables, is valued at about $800,000. His also owns three luxury cars.

Local affiliate WKYC had this to say:

“Prosecutors say they will seek jail time for a wealthy Geauga County man convicted of fraudulently obtaining food stamps and Medicaid for his suburban family.”

“Pascal Mahvi, the so-called ‘Food Stamp Millionaire,’ was convicted Friday of two fraud-related charges stemming from his acceptance of more than $8,300 in food stamps and other welfare benefits during a two-year span that ended with his arrest last year.”

“Mahvi and his attorney declined comment after Friday’s verdict. Mahvi is expected to be sentenced in four to six weeks.”

Mahvi’s attorney, Brendan Delay, made the argument in court that his client was in all actuality destitute. He claimed that Mahvi’s business ventures had failed and that his home was in foreclosure. With the St. Lucia property heavily mortgaged, he supposedly needed the food stamps to feed himself and his family.

Predictably, the jury saw through the defense team’s strategy.

“I think this is an individual who just takes whatever he can get,” the District Attorney in the case said. “And this is something that he thought he could get. And there’s consequences to his actions.”

Mahvi was sentenced to 30 days confinement in the local county jail. He is also required to complete three years of probation and was fined $2,750.

There have been no reports as to whether Mahvi has paid his fine.

Why on Earth would this Muslim man, who by all accounts is extraordinarily wealthy, decide to defraud the state in such a way?

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