Barack Hussein Obama Reemerges To Bash Trump – It IMMEDIATELY Backfires

There’s a longstanding tradition in this country that former presidents retreat from the spotlight and allow their successor to lead the country unchallenged. Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama is completely ignoring this tradition, as he has been traveling the world to bash Donald Trump every chance he gets.

The Washington Times reported that though Obama promised that he would stay out of Trump’s hair unless something very important came up, he has been one of the current president’s fiercest critics. When Trump pushed Congress to repeal Obamacare back in March, Obama stepped in to save his signature program with one of his first public comments as a private citizen.

“Reality continues to discredit the false claim that this law is in a ‘death spiral,’” Obama said, using Trump’s favorite phrase for criticizing the Affordable Care Act. “Likewise, this law is no ‘job-killer.’”

When Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement in June, Obama criticized his successor’s move as “a difficult position to defend.” The former president also recorded a robo-call in early December for Democrat Doug Jones, who defeated the Trump-endorsed Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s special Senate election. One of the main reasons Jones won was the strong black voter turnout.

Cecilia Munoz, who was Obama’s top domestic policy adviser in the White House, said she keeps in touch with the former president and his team. She spoke out to acknowledges a deep level of frustration generally over Trump’s actions.

“What’s frustrating about watching current events really has to do with the people that we went into office to work for,” Munoz said. “President Obama’s legacy was never really about himself, but he cares a lot about tens of millions of people having access to affordable health coverage. That’s the very hardest part. Knowing that 13 million people will lose their health coverage as a result of the tax bill is incredibly painful.”

Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett added that Obama is “concerned” about Trump’s efforts to destroy his legacy.

“Of course he’s concerned,” she said on MSNBC recently. “A lot of the very important steps that he took to level the playing field, ensure that we have a culture of inclusion where every child has a fair shot, many of those provisions and steps are being rolled back.”

In the end, however, all Obama is accomplishing with his whining is making himself look like a hypocritical bitter baby. SHARE this story if you think Barack Obama should GO BACK TO THE WOODS!