How angry do you think California liberals are right about now?

In an interview with WFOR-TV, Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio went off on the alleged Parkland school shooter, saying that he should face the death penalty for his actions.

“The answer is ‘yes,’” Rubio said when asked whether the admitted shooter should be put to death for killing 17 people in an attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last Wednesday in Broward County, Florida.

Rubio admitted that he had personal concerns with how capital punishment is applied in the court system, but said the Feb. 14 school massacre was special.

“Not in a case like this, I have concerns in the broader sense about how not everyone gets equal representation in death panels,” Rubio added. “But in this particular case, it’d be hard to argue against the death penalty.”

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Rubio’s comments echo those of prosecutors, who are seeking to put the shooter to death.

According to the U.K. Independent, the shooter’s lawyer says his client is willing to plead guilty in exchange for not being subjected to capital punishment.


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However, prosecutor Michael Satz says that the premeditated murder of 17 individuals “is the type of case the death penalty was designed for.”

“This was a highly calculated and premeditated murder of 17 people and the attempted murder of everyone in that school,” he added.

Not only that, but the shooter has a long history of violence.

CNN revealed that over 30 police reports were filed involving incidents perpetrated by the shooter or his brother at his home, including hitting his adoptive mother with a vacuum hose and throwing items across the room when his Xbox privileges were revoked because he refused to go to school.

“The emergency calls that the police received from the home included incidents categorized as ‘mentally ill person,’ ‘child/elderly abuse,’ ‘domestic disturbance’ and “missing person,’” CNN reported.

“At least two calls reported (the shooter) as missing, in 2012 and 2013.”

The FBI has already admitted it mishandled two separate tips involving the shooter, something President Donald Trump has called “unacceptable.”

The fact is, given what we know now, the shooter should have already been in custody, and certainly not in a position to commit a school shooting.

Rubio is right — this is exactly the kind of case that the death penalty was made for.

There’s little doubt as to who was the shooter; he’s already confessed to committing the act. Now, after executing 17 people, he himself wants to plead guilty in order to avoid execution.

This coward shouldn’t be allowed that luxury.

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